Jon Stewart’s Legacy and Mordechai Vanunu’s Saga

Jon Stewart’s Legacy and Mordechai Vanunu’s Saga
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In 2005, inspired by Jon Stewart, the Daily Show Correspondents, Brenda Starr, Dorothy Day and Mordechai Vanunu, my childhood dream of becoming a Reporter became reality.

On Wednesday Israel’s Nuclear Whistleblower wrote:

Vanunu Mordechai is ready to leave israel for ever and ever,after 18 years prison+11years in east jerusalem.FreedomNow. Time come to start new Life,in Freedom.

Vanunu July8, 2015




By Eileen Fleming

When I heard Jon Stewart say “Evil is relatively rare. Ignorance is epidemic and the cure for that is journalism and expression” my dream to one day talk with Jon about USA policies that collude in Israel’s nuclear deceptions began to feel less surreal and actually possible.

Jon Stewart’s directorial debut “Rosewater” was inspired “because his name came up in a dark interrogation room in a prison in Iran” when Maziar Bahari was arrested a few days after appearing in one of Daily Show correspondent Jason Jones‘ field pieces from Tehran-


I know that feeling of responsibility a reporter should feel if they have caused trouble for an individual by their reporting because for the last decade I have been driven to tell Mordechai Vanunu’s saga —and will until Israel allows him his human-rights because knowledge brings responsibility for anyone of good conscience.

married1 As Vanunu and his bride wait for Norway to grant Vanunu an emergency passport and asylum my dream of talking with Jon has segued into imagining if the timing of Stewart’s ending of his masterful tenure on The Daily Show this Aug. 6th -the 70th year since America nuked Hiroshima- might be an omen portending the final ending of USA collusion in Israel’s Nuclear deceptions.


I believe this because Jon Stewart and The Daily Show Correspondents have lit fires in Congress in support of Veterans and 911 First Responders.

 Jon Stewart and The Daily Show Correspondents have also introduced a myriad of important topics to American potheads and entertainment seekers by doing what The Media should be about: Seek and Report!


RESIZED bookcover   A good reporter is always ahead of the story and it was Serendipity who crossed my path with Israel’s Nuclear Whistle Blower on 21 June 2005 and established my vow to tell the Vanunu saga UNTIL Israel allowed Mordecahi his right to leave Israel and pursue his life, liberty and happiness.







Jon Stewart’s life as a comedian has also been a shot in the arm for American journalism but because ignorance is epidemic The Mainstream Media continues to fail to report on the Obama Administration’s declassification of documents which corroborate what Mordechai Vanunu has been saying for twenty-nine years regarding Israel’s nuclear deceptions; which was common knowledge in the Eisenhower Administration fueled by debates over Israel’s lack of candor and efforts to pressure the Israelis to answer key questions about the Dimona.


The first piece I wrote as Senior Non-Arab Correspondent for USA’s The Arab Daily News was Mordechai Vanunu, the Snowden of Israel in which I explained WHY I became a reporter.


In 2005, Mordechai Vanunu told me:


Did you know that President Kennedy tried to stop Israel from building atomic weapons? In 1963, he forced Prime Minister Ben Guirion to admit the Dimona was not a textile plant, as the sign outside proclaimed, but a nuclear plant. The Prime Minister said, ‘The nuclear reactor is only for peace.’

Kennedy insisted on an open internal inspection. He wrote letters demanding that Ben Guirion open up the Dimona for inspection. The French were responsible for the actual building of the Dimona. The Germans gave the money; they were feeling guilty for the Holocaust, and tried to pay their way out.

When Johnson became president, he made an agreement with Israel that two senators would come every year to inspect. Before the senators would visit, the Israelis would build a wall to block the underground elevators and stairways. From 1963 to ’69, the senators came, but they never knew about the wall that hid the rest of the Dimona from them.

Nixon stopped the inspections and agreed to ignore the situation. As a result, Israel increased production. In 1986, there were over two hundred bombs. Today, they may have enough plutonium for ten bombs a year.

My last visit with Mordechai Vanunu was in November 2013.

I delivered some messages from a few of his USA supporters and a copy of the screen adaptation for Beyond Nuclear: Mordechai Vanunuʼs Freedom of Speech Trial and My Life as a Muckraker

You can read about that visit with Vanunu and a few pages of the screen adaptation HERE


The FREE eBook The Vanunu Legend: Israel’s Nuclear Whistleblower’s Struggle for Freedom furthers the Vanunu saga

Petition written by Eileen Fleming

Petition written by Eileen Fleming

Photo of Mordechai Vanunu, copyright Eileen Fleming Nov. 2013

Photo of Mordechai Vanunu, copyright Eileen Fleming Nov. 2013

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Senior Non-Arab Correspondent for The Arab Daily News
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