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Writers, Bloggers

Ray Hanania, Website Managing writer
Email: Ray Hanania
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Ali Younes, Writer
Click here to view Ali’s Blog Posts and writings

Abdennour Toumi, writer, blogger reporter
Click here to view Nour’s Blog Posts and writings

Ali Rizk, Writer, blogger, reporter
Middle East correspondent, Beirut
Click here to view posts by Ali Rizk

Eileen Fleming, writer, blogger
Israel, Palestine, American Arab topics
Twitter: WeAreWideAwake
Click here to view Eileen’s blog posts and writings

Ghassan Rubeiz, writer, blogger columnist
Israel, Palestine, American Arab topics
Click here to view post by blogger Ghassan Rubeiz

Hebah Fisher, writer, blogger, podcaster
Email her at:

Mike Ghouse, writer, blogger
Contact him at and his daily blog is

Alexandra Halaby, writer, blogger
International Middle East Media Center at
Reach her at

Maria Khoury, writer, blogger
email her at

Mohammed Asad, Gaza, Palestine war correspondent
Photographer, writer
Email him at:

Tarek Masoud, writer, blogger
His email is:

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