Corrections Policy

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Corrections Policy

The Arab Daily News and its blog contributors always do our best to ensure that information and facts cited are accurate. However, mistakes do occur, especially in professional journalism.

If facts are stated incorrectly or if information is incorrectly identified or presented, we welcome and encourage you to bring the errors to our attention. Our policy is to acknowledge the mistake in a timely manner, when it is brought to our attention, and to state the facts correctly.

Opinion commentary reflects the opinion of the individual writers, interpreting facts. Even when some facts are misstated or misconstrued, the accuracy or inaccuracy of a fact may or may not impact the opinions of a writer. We respect free speech and we respect all viewpoints, with the exception of clearly intended hate, racism or discrimination.

However, disputes on content or opinion or fact should be addressed directly with each writers. The Arab Daily News will do its best to help ensure that copyrights are respected when issues are brought to our attention.

Each blogger/writer has access to post their own articles without permission of the hosting website. Each of the bloggers/writers assumes responsibility for their writings and their postings. This includes photographs and images that may be used incorrectly or improperly. If there is an issue, please contact the writers directly. The Editor is happy to help to resolve any issues.

We also publish, with permission, articles from a variety of news sources including the Maan News Agency (, the Arab Writers Group (, and original press releases through the Arab American News Wire (

Anonymous writers/posts are not accepted. We use photographs provided by Zemanta and from Getty Images via an agreement they have with Zemanta.

All posts are the responsibility of the writers. The Arab Daily News does not assume responsibility for any errors or the opinions of the writers and bloggers. The opinions expressed do not necessarily represent the views of The Arab Daily News.

If you see an error, always first email the writers to address the issue. If you cannot, please email the Website Manager at and we will do our best to make the correction.

Our intent is to be as transparent as possible with all matters involving accuracy, and to be accurate.

Thank You
The Arab Daily News

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