Israel continues violence and land theft at Bil’in

Israel continues violence and land theft at Bil’in
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The Government of Israel continues to destroy lands owned by Palestinian farmers and villagers along the green line, built a wall to separate the village of Bil’in from their rightful lands, and even arrested, imprisoned, shot and killed their residents to prevent Palestinians from protesting Israel’s actions. But justice trumps evil and Israel’s Jewish-only nature will lose

By Ray Hanania

Israeli ROR in mass demo against the separatio...

Israeli ROR in mass demo against the separation fence in Bil’in (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Iyad Burnat is the Coordinator for the Popular Committee in Bil’in, Palestine, a small farming village 7 miles West of Ramallah in the Occupied West bank.

For the past 10 years, Burnat and the Popular Committee have helped to organize the civilians of Bil’in to participate a non-violent demonstration against the confiscation of their land and the destruction of their olive trees, and Israel’s illegal Separation Wall & settlement in a protest every week since.

Bil’in has come to symbolize the Apartheid policies of the “State of Israel” which discriminates between Jews and non-Jews in social services and even laws inside Israel, and worse, denies basic civil rights to civilians living in the territories Israel occupied by military force in 1967 and continues to oppress.

The violence by Israel against unarmed civilians at Bil’in has been intense, although the biased mainstream American news media continues to coverup the Israeli violence, making them complicit in the Israeli Apartheid crimes.

Iyad Burnat, The Popular Committee, Bil'in, Occupied Palestine (Photo Wikipedia)

Iyad Burnat, The Popular Committee, Bil’in, Occupied Palestine (Photo Wikipedia)

Despite the violence from Israeli soldiers and illegal Jewish settlers, the residents and farmers of the village of Bil’in have continued to protest. This past summer, Iyad’s 15 year old teenage son was shot in the leg by the Israeli military, severing a nerve and requiring medical care.

And, this Spring Iyad will tour the United States to help the uneducated American masses who have been placed in a headlock of ignorance by the powerful and sinister Israeli lobby, AIPAC, understand what life is like under the 48 year old Israeli Military Occupation. Burnat will discuss the Apartheid oppression against his village and the ongoing peaceful struggle for justice and freedom that has been mounted by the residents.

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More importantly, in the face of Israeli violence and terrorism, Burnat will discuss what inspires him to continue non-violent resistance against Israel’s evils.

The first public appearance for Burnat is scheduled for April 18 at the North Decatur Presbyterian Church in Decatur, Georgia. The CHurch is located ay 611 Medlock Road. The program will begin at 7 pm.

Israel’s brutality that is ignored by the pro-Israel U.S. Congress, has been violent and vicious. The terrorism by Israelis and American Jews who settle in settlements stolen from Palestinian Christians and Muslims often goes unreported in the biased mainstream news media.

By hiding the violence against Christians and Muslims, and by failing to report on the legitimate civilian protests against Israel’s Apartheid oppression and terrorism against civilians, the news media and the government and complicit in the oppression, the injuries and even killings that have taken place.

American Jewish leaders have used their influence to bully news media into not reporting on the oppressive brutality in order to protect Israel’s false image as a “small Democracy” in a “sea of tyranny” and a region of “anti-Semitism” and project Israel as a “victim” when in fact Israel is the guilty party in the ongoing conflict.

Ignorant political candidates like U.S. Senator Ted Cruz and House Speaker John Boehner have been brainwashed through racism and religious discrimination to shut their eyes to the truth of Israel’s terrorism and violence, and their ignorance has helped fan flames of anti-Palestinian sentiment in the United States, which automatically gives Israel more than $5 billion in taxpayer dollars to support it’s oppression and Apartheid policies.

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