The Third Eye Medical Science and #YogaNidra

The Third Eye Medical Science and #YogaNidra
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The Third Eye Medical Science and #YogaNidra

By Eileen Fleming


There is a lot of controversy over the importance of the Pineal Gland. What medical science knows is – it is the source of Melatonin.John S. Fleming, MD

The Amrit Yoga Institute writes:

Modern science now confirms what yogis discovered thousands of years ago: that focusing on the Third Eye reactivates hormones located in the pineal gland in center of the brain.

Studies confirm that the pineal gland hormone, melatonin, is a powerful agent in helping prevent illness, retard premature aging, reduce stress, induce more restful sleep, boost the immune system, and promote healing.


The Arab Daily News

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Pineal-Gland-Third-Eye-Stargate-buddy-huggins The pineal gland is also called the master gland and is about the size of a pea located behind the pituitary gland.

Unlike much of the rest of the brain, the pineal gland is not isolated from the body by the blood-brain barrier system.

The pineal gland works in harmony with the hypothalamus gland, which directs thirst, hunger, sexual desire and the biological clock that determines our aging process.
The pineal gland produces the hormone called melatonin which regulates human daily body rhythms that deal directly with the day and night cycles.

In humans, melatonin secretion increases after a person is placed in the dark and decreases after exposure to light. pineal-gland-2-shutterstock-157672199-WEBONLY

Melatonin production is high in infancy and childhood and declines with age.

The gland is relatively large in children and begins to shrink with the onset of puberty.

Modern imaging techniques reveal that the pineal gland becomes more or less calcified in most people.


My interest in The Master Gland/Third Eye was ignited by my first experience of Yoga Nidra which I wrote about in “Couples Yoga and Politics of Coupling with Medical Ramifications”

Last month I attended a weekend introduction to Yoga Nidra at Amrit Yoga Institute, and ever since have been practicing at home with an Amrit CD  before climbing into bed just around midnight and I have gone from decades of 4-6 hours of fitful sleep to a solid 8 hours a night!

 On the most basic level, Yoga Nidra relaxes, rejuvenates and renews the physical body…Yoga Nidra works by immersing your brain in the healing rhythms of the alpha state.

Regular practitioners of Yoga Nidra slow down brain wave patterns within minutes to the alpha rhythm and to an even slower rhythm called theta, which is associated with the dream or REM state.

That reason alone transformed me into a Yoga Nidra practitioner.
René Descartes , a 17th-century French philosopher-mathematician concluded that the pineal gland was the seat of the soul.

Yoga Nidra is the master key for self-transformation. It can be used to initiate the power of the soul and to turn your hidden, inner potentiality into reality.


Some who want to change the world understand that activists must become contemplatives and contemplatives must act.

Being a spiritually driven political activist I will soon be attending a ten-day immersion in Yoga Nidra.

THAT experience will be published as a public service in my next FREE Ebook

My first, The Vanunu Legend Israel’s Nuclear Whistleblower’s Struggle for Freedom was published 24 September 2014.


What is Yoga Nidra? By Kamini Desai, PhD at YouTube


In 2005, Eileen Fleming established in response to her first of 8 trips to both sides of The Wall as a public service.

In 2012, Eileen Fleming ran for US HOUSE of Representatives

Follow her at TWITTER, read her sixth book as she lives it HERE.


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The Arab Daily News

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Eileen Fleming

Senior Non-Arab Correspondent for TADN at The Arab Daily News
Senior Non-Arab Correspondent for The Arab Daily News
Producer "30 Minutes with Vanunu" who founded in response to her first of 8 trips to both sides of The Wall in Palestine Israel.
In 2012, Eileen ran for US House of Representatives District 5, in Fl.
Read her FREE eBooks and more at:
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The Arab Daily News

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