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A look at America’s Arab Community

JoumanaAd300-300The Arab Daily News is fast becoming the primary source of news and information on the American Arab community. In the past month alone, the newly created online news website has generated more than 572,000 page reads (March 2014 statistics). The majority of the visitors come from the United States, a unique statistic for a website whose focus is on Arab American and Muslim issues.

Although the website includes political stories and political opinion columns, the true assets are the features and news stories that focus on American Arab and American Muslim community issues. There are only a few publications that provide original stories and articles that document the life and events of the American Arab community.

Although the U.S. Census data is not complete, reputable organizations estimate that there are more than 4.5 million Arabs in America. Of that number, more than 60 percent are Christian Arab, representing Catholics, Protestants, and Orthodox Christians. Sub-religious dominations include Maronite Catholics, Lutherans and Melkites. The vast majority,more than 92 percent, are fluent in English. More than 75 percent identify English as their first language, although they maintain an ethnic pride link to their natural Arabic language.

There are more than 7 million Muslims in the United States, but the vast majority are non-Arab (Asian, Pakistani and African American, the largest group representing 36 percent of American Muslims).

LifeRun-300x300Although Christians and Muslims have always been very close, the two communities are distinct and have their own cultural identities through churches and mosques located throughout the United States.

Arab Americans or American Arabs (depending on your preference) are an important niche market group in the United States. They are often overlooked, but their demographics make them a loyal consumer base.

Concentrated in Greater Detroit, Chicagoland, Los Angeles, Houston and Dallas, Florida and Ohio, American Arabs have served active duty in the U.S. Military and continue to do so. They have an income that is above average and the national norm.

As an advertiser, you can reach them through all of the mainstream, traditional news media, such as through television, radio and newspapers. And, you can also reach them online through many of the popular news websites. But if you really want to have an impact, you want to reach them where they feel the most comfortable at a media location that caters to their interests and generates a compelling identity bond.



ZiyadLogoToo often, the traditional news media is excessively confrontational. Your advertising efforts may suffer as a consequence.

Advertising in the American Arab news media is a first step towards tapping this very engaged, active American consumer.

Take the first step and reach out to Arab American by advertising in The Arab Daily News, the newspaper of record for American Arabs. Advertising is affordable and our daily traffic numbers ensure that your ad will be seen by our readers. We offer two ad sizes 300 pixels wide by 75 pixels deep, and a larger ad that is 300 x 300 pixels.

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Ad contracts are three months in duration and include two Ad Graphic sizes: 300 x 75 pixel graphic Ad, and 300 x 300 pixel Ads, with a link to your website landing page or URL.

Your Advertisement will run in ALL of our existing article pages guaranteeing that your Advertisement will be seen and increasing the interaction with website visitors.

Our articles and bloggers are professional journalists. We have a diversity in our views and opinions and a love for America.

We invite you to join us.

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