British court ruling: only justice for Arabs is through violence

British court ruling: only justice for Arabs is through violence
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British court ruling: only justice for Arabs is through violence

A British Court has blocked a lawsuit that has accused former British Prime Minister Tony Blair of War Crimes in the the illegal war launched on March 19, 2003 against the people of Iraq. Although Iraq was not involved in the terrorism of Sept. 11, British and American leaders attacked Iraq to rape its resources and build a war machine that profited their investors, including former Vice President at the time Dick Cheney. The British court ruling and the failure of the International Criminal Court in the Hague to prosecute British or American leaders or military proves that the only option left for Arabs to achieve justice is through violence

By Ray Hanania

The decision by a British Court to block a lawsuit filed by former Iraqi General Abdulwaheed Shannan Al-Rabbat against Britain’s former Prime Minister Tony Blair sends a loud and clear message to every Arab and every Muslim and every person from the Middle East that the only way to get justice is through the use of violence.

General Rabbat accused Blair of war crimes, something that rings true. But instead of allow Rabbat to represent the grievances of millions of victims of British and American war crimes to adjudicate their claims, the British arrogantly brushed them aside, as they always do.

A major part of Orientalism, the attitude of racist arrogance by the West against the Middle Eastern people, is that to defend their racism the West must prevent victims of their racism from pursuing legal justice through the use of the International Rule of Law.

This isn’t about whether or not Rabbat case is right or wrong. It is even more important, and about whether Arabs who have been victimized by the violence, atrocities and terrorism of Western Nations like America and Britain have a right to take their grievances to a court of law.

Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld shares a ...

American un-prosecuted war criminals, Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, President George W. Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney, owner of Halliburton at the U.S. Pentagon. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

On March 29, 2003, Britain and American launched an illegal invasion of Iraq allegedly to avenge the terrorism of Sept. 11, 2001 and to “free” the Iraqi people. Instead, the war was conducted to avenge the family of then President George W. Bush, who’s father failed in an effort a decade before to topple Iraq’s strongman Saddam Hussein. In attacking Iraq, instead of freeing the Iraqi people, thousands of innocent Iraqi civilians were brutally murdered by American and British soldiers int he name of “freedom.”

The only real beneficiary was Haliburton, the multi-national corporation that profits from war and violence owned by American Vice President and architect of the illegal invasion of Iraq, Dick Cheney.

The Arab Daily News

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Britain’s Tony Blair was an accomplice in lying to the world about the reasons for the invasion. There is no doubt that Saddam Hussein was a war criminal himself. But the issue of a government war criminal has never been an issue for America or Britain. They have backed many war criminals, like the Shah of Iran, and engaged in toppling Democratic governments and replacing them with puppet monsters to do their bidding.

The British court knew that allowing this trial to proceed would have opened the door to the long history of America’s and Britain’s war crimes, the murder of innocent civilians by American Marines and British storm troopers in Iraq and in many other Middle Eastern countries.

It also would have reminded the world that 14 years after the Iraq war, justice continues to be denied to the real victims, Christian and Muslim Arabs whose lives have been snuffed out by American snipers, American Marine terrorists and British black bag snipers and killers who massacred thousands at civilian weddings, while they were sleeping int heir homes, and there has never been true justice for these Arab victims.

The message that Britains ends loud and clear and many in the Middle East hear it, is that Arabs cannot expect to get justice from the American or British legal systems. The American and British legal systems are corrupt and governed by a double standard of justice, one for Americans in which civilian victims are championed, and another for the Arab and Muslim victims of American and British war crimes. Their rights are abandoned.

The only option left, according to this British court action, is to use violence, terrorism and strength of arms to fight for justice. Something the American and British hypocritically call “terrorism” when it suits their selfish interests.

If you wondered what fuels terrorism, it is the injustices of the Western nations like Britain and America. They are the cause or terrorism that has choked this world and taken the lives of so many innocent people. America and Britain are responsible for the terrorism as much as the terrorists they demonize and indict.

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