The Hypocrisy of the anti-Trump haters

The Hypocrisy of the anti-Trump haters
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The Hypocrisy of the anti-Trump haters

Nothing exposes hypocrisy of anti-Trump activists than rejection of Keith Ellison. When the Democrats and the anti-Trump haters  have put meaning in their words but instead chose to expose their hypocrisy by back-stabbing the candidacy of the First Muslim Congressman Keith Ellison to become the DNC Chairman. They “love” Muslims but only enough to exploit it.

By Ray Hanania

Democrats and their haters of President Donald Trump want you to believe that they love Muslims and they love civil rights.

And yet, when the opportunity came to actually love a Muslim by electing Congressman Keith Ellison as chair the Democratic National Committee, they bailed on Ellison.

Ellison is the first Muslim to be elected to the U.S. Congress. He was nominated by U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders, who was backstabbed by the hypocrite Democrats and anti-Trump haters and should have been the party presidential nominees.

But when the Democrats and the anti-Trump haters got together, they took a dive on Ellison and instead voted to elect a nobody who happened to be “Latino” (from the Dominican Republic) and was appointed to the post of U.S. Secretary of Labor by President Barack Obama. Perez never lobbied or campaigned for the spot but was pushed in to it by Obama and by the Democratic leadership and cheered by the anti-Trump haters who continue to disguise their hatred by asserting that they love Muslims, they love minorities, they love civil rights.

The truth is, their “love” is selfish politics and the suffering of Muslims, Arabs and other minorities is little more than just an opportunity for them. The anti-Trump haters will step on the backs of these “victims” in order to empower themselves politically.

The ugliest moment was when CNN Hosted the debate among Ellison “The Muslim,” Perez and six other candidates all thrown in at the last minute to keep Ellison from out of the DNC office.

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Congressman Keith Ellison

Congressman Keith Ellison

Listen to the Youtube video of the CNN debate, co-hosted by Dana Bash and Chris Cuomo, when the candidates are introduced and notice the boisterous cheers when everyone is introduced but the ugly racist and hateful silence when Ellison is introduced. Ellison was actually embarrassed and you could see it on his awkward look.

But Cuomo was the Judas of the lie, the brother of New York’s racist anti-Arab, anti-Arab Muslim (there is a difference int he minds of racists between Arab Muslims and non-Arab Muslims) and the anti-Palestinian hater Governor Andrew Cuomo. Cuomo has led the charge to bully and punish any Arab Muslim and Palestinian who dares to exercise a fundamental American right of “free speech” and criticize Israel.

Cuomo asked Ellison point blank how he responded to claims that he was “anti-Semitic” because of his evenhanded approach to the Israel Palestine conflict.

Ellison has been evenhanded both supporting Israel’s right to exist and the right of Palestinians to statehood. But the pro-Israel Democrats who dominate the Democratic Party don’t want you to be fair with Israel and Palestine. They want you to be biased for Israel and to be anti-Palestinian and anti-Peace.

You can read my column in the Arab News Newspaper in Saudi Arabia which explores this further.

To all those who hate Trump. All your name-calling of Trump and all your silence against hypocrisies by the Democrats makes you complicit in Democratic racism, Democratic hatred and Democratic lies.

(Ray Hanania is a Palestinian American columnist and author.  He covered Chicago politics and City Hall from 1976 until 1992. Email him at His personal website is Join him in exposing media hypocrisies and lies on Facebook at

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This post has been viewed 20951 times.



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Ray Hanania is an award winning political columnist and author. He covered Chicago Politics and Chicago City Hall from 1976 through 1992. Hanania began writing in 1975 when he published The Middle Eastern Voice newspaper in Chicago (1975-1977). He later published “The National Arab American Times” newspaper which was distributed through 12,500 Middle East food stores in 48 American States (2004-2007).

Hanania writes weekly columns on Middle East and American Arab issues for the Arab News in Saudi Arabia at, and for, and

Palestinian, American Arab and Christian, Hanania’s parents originate from Jerusalem and Bethlehem.

Hanania is the recipient of four (4) Chicago Headline Club “Peter Lisagor Awards” for Column writing. In November 2006, he was named “Best Ethnic American Columnist” by the New American Media;In 2009, he received the prestigious Sigma Delta Chi Award for Writing from the Society of Professional Journalists. He is the recipient of the MT Mehdi Courage in Journalism Award. Hanania has also received two (2) Chicago Stick-o-Type awards from the Chicago Newspaper Guild, and in 1990 was nominated by the Chicago Sun-Times for a Pulitzer Prize for his four-part series on the Palestinian Intifada.

His wife and son are Jewish and he performs standup comedy lampooning Arab-Jewish relations, advocating for peace based on non-violence, mutual recognition and Two-States.

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