To: The Associated Press and Washington Post Re: Israel’s WMD and Mordechai Vanunu

To: The Associated Press and Washington Post Re: Israel’s WMD and Mordechai Vanunu
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The Washington Post’s banner proclaims “Democracy Dies in Darkness”.

On Thursday a WaPo headline read: “For Pyongyang, Mideast offers cautionary nuclear tale” with a bullet point titled “ISRAEL’S DENIABLE DETERRENT”

Because The Washington Post does not allow republishing their article; and as this reporter’s response could die in the darkness at The Washington Post we publish it at USA’s

By Eileen Fleming

Responding to Associated Press writers Dan Perry and Josef Federman in Jerusalem, Zeina Karam in Beirut, Hamza Hendawi in Cairo; Susannah George in Baghdad and Jon Gambrell in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, who contributed to The Washington Post article, “For Pyongyang, Mideast offers cautionary nuclear tale”,  I write regarding the bullet point titled:

“ISRAEL’S DENIABLE DETERRENT” because it notes Mordechai Vanunu but provides no details regarding Israel’s nuclear program which was first published by London’s SUNDAY TIMES a few days after Mossad kidnapped Vanunu from Rome in 1986.

The Washington Post published the following comment but as it could ‘die in the darkness’ at The Washington Post it follows:

During this American writer’s first of 8 investigative trips to the Holy Land beginning in 2005, I met Israel’s nuclear whistleblower Mordechai Vanunu and we began a series of interviews available online such as “30 Minutes with Vanunu” streaming at YouTube.

 Mordechai Vanunu also informed me:

The French were responsible for the actual building of the Dimona. The Germans gave the money; they were feeling guilty for the Holocaust, and tried to pay their way out. Everything inside was written in French, when I was there, almost twenty years ago. Back then; the Dimona descended seven floors underground. In 1955, Perez and Guirion met with the French to agree they would get a nuclear reactor if they fought against Egypt to control the Sinai and Suez Canal. That was the war of 1956. Eisenhower demanded that Israel leave the Sinai, but the reactor plant deal continued on.

Did you know that President Kennedy tried to stop Israel from building atomic weapons? In 1963, he forced Prime Minister Ben Guirion to admit the Dimona was not a textile plant, as the sign outside proclaimed, but a nuclear plant. The Prime Minister said, ‘The nuclear reactor is only for peace.’ Kennedy insisted on an open internal inspection. He wrote letters demanding that Ben Guirion open up the Dimona for inspection.

When Johnson became president, he made an agreement with Israel that two senators would come every year to inspect. Before the senators would visit, the Israelis would build a wall to block the underground elevators and stairways. From 1963 to ’69, the senators came, but they never knew about the wall that hid the rest of the Dimona from them.

Nixon stopped the inspections and agreed to ignore the situation. As a result, Israel increased production. In 1986, there were over two hundred bombs. Today, they may have enough plutonium for ten bombs a year.

Learn the latest regarding Mordechai Vanunu’s human rights struggle to be allowed to leave ‘the only democracy in the Middle East’ at TADN’s VANUNU Archive




Eileen Fleming, Senior Non-Arab Correspondent for USA’s TADN writes


Eileen Fleming produced the UNCENSORED “30 Minutes with Vanunu” Mordechai, Israel’s nuclear whistleblower

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Eileen Fleming

Senior Non-Arab Correspondent for TADN at The Arab Daily News
Senior Non-Arab Correspondent for The Arab Daily News
Producer "30 Minutes with Vanunu" who founded in response to her first of 8 trips to both sides of The Wall in Palestine Israel.
In 2012, Eileen ran for US House of Representatives District 5, in Fl.
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