A moral inversion is unfolding in the state of New York.

A moral inversion is unfolding in the state of New York.
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A moral inversion is unfolding in the state of New York

By Dezeray Lyn

Dezeray Lyn

Dezeray Lyn

New York’s Governor Andrew Cuomo has moved against speech rights for the people of the state he serves by criminalizing any business or individual actively supporting the Boycott Divest Sanction campaign against Israel for various transgressions including the fracturing of international law, breaking the Geneva Convention, war crimes, illegal occupation and the collective denial of the human rights of Palestinians inside the West Bank, Gaza and those living in historic Palestine (Israel).

Cuomo proudly, and to a band of applause, declaring that “If you sanction Israel, New York will sanction you,” is an inversion of ethical conduct as the people of Gaza have been crippled under Israeli siege as a collective punishment for the election of Hamas.

The executive order will see the Office of General Services compiling a list of businesses and individuals who have actively supported the BDS campaign, which is fashioned around the tactical boycott stratagems launched against apartheid South Africa, to levy financial punishments as well as blacklisting them.

With an aggressively anti-speech, anti-media, anti-protest presumed republican nominee with a frighteningly probably path to the White House, quelling speech and protest rights of an entire state is a dark look into what is possible in the near future.

English: Andrew Cuomo, 11th United States Secr...

Andrew Cuomo, Governor of New York. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The politically motived attack against those immersed in the active struggle for Palestinian national liberation runs parallel to the moral inversion of the US government’s funding of the settler state of Israel, who has been carrying on an illegal occupation in the West Bank, an internal system of apartheid for Palestinians existing under Israeli law as well as rampant racism against black African migrants and Ethiopian Jews stepping onto their soil.

The compendium of crimes committed by Israel doesn’t just spill from the lips of pro-Palestinian activist communities, but has been decried by thousands of Israelis, hundreds of thousands of Jews around the world, former Israeli soldiers as well as Israeli political figures like Moshe Ya’alone, Israel’s very recently resigned former Defense Minister.

It is quite possible that if executive orders and aggressive political moves were taken against illegal occupation and the mass-extermination of civilians by bombs and bio-chemical warfare (both Israeli enacted offenses utilized against Palestinians in the Gaza strip over the past 8 years) there is a good chance that the need would no longer exist for a Boycott Divest Sanctions campaign to counter the terrorism being inflicted by Israel and paid for by the US government.

The BDS campaign wasn’t birthed from a void, the movement is a reaction to a tragedy that has continued unabated with the full financial, social and political support of the mighty US entity to maintain its foothold in a region hostile due to US/Israel empire building, imperialist agendas.

As long as the occupation continues, and executive legislations such as the one Cuomo has delivered unto the people of the state of New York criminalizing speech and protest rights are unleashed, US hypocrisy and its convenient cherry picking of the application of ‘justice’ remains an ugly global spectacle.

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This post has been viewed 15889 times.

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