Mordechai Vanunu Weds Norwegian Professor in Jerusalem

Mordechai Vanunu Weds Norwegian Professor in Jerusalem
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By Eileen Fleming


On Wednesday at Facebook’s Free Mordechai Vanunu Israel’s Nuclear Whistle Blower wrote: “Vanunu Married Kristine,in The Redeemer church,Jerusalem ,May 19.2015.


VanunuWeds  The headline in Norway read Vanunu giftet seg med norske Kristin and the following is excerpted from Google Translate:

It was yesterday morning that the two said yes to each other in the Lutheran Church of the Redeemer in Jerusalem.

Wednesday afternoon confirming Joachimsen marriage with the world famous whistleblower to ABC News…


The two have long been a couple, and have engaged themselves together that Vanunu should be able to leave Israel where he has been convicted and severely punished because he betrayed the Israeli nuclear program…

ABC News is waiting for a comment from the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA). Wednesday morning says Navarsete that she is considering taking the matter up with Secretary Brende (Right) in a parliamentary question…It is time for him to be able to come out of Israel and get set up with his new wife…who works as a professor at the School of Theology in Oslo.


Recently Israel ‘relented’ on the restriction denying Vanunu his right to speak to foreigners to allowing him 30 minutes of conversation but only in public.


Israel’s response to the newlyweds will further and end the Legend of Vanunu


Learn More at the Free eBook: The Vanunu Legend


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This post has been viewed 6980 times.

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Senior Non-Arab Correspondent for The Arab Daily News
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