Yalla! Fight Back

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Yalla! Fight Back: Empowering Arabs & Muslims to control their image & lives

Yalla! Fight Back is a new book that offers strategies and knowledge for Arabs and Muslims to confront the greatest threat they face, the demonization of their culture, politics and lives by the Western mainstream news media, particularly the Mainstream American News Media.

Media bias is one of the most destructive forces fueling hatred, racism and ignorance, and it is even worse when it is driven by political agendas and goals.

Arabs can easily confront and neutralize the bias and bigotry that the mainstream American news media (MANM) panders and it involves an easy to learn understanding of how the news media and communications perception works.

Book cover for Yalla! Fight Back

Yalla! Fight Back can make a difference not only in fighting racism and bigotry but also in helping to promote Arab causes of justice, such as the movement to establish a Palestinian State, the effort to support refugees from Palestine, Syria, Iraq, and broader agenda of correcting the inaccurate stereotypes about Arab culture, Muslims, that are perpetuated by news media bias.

Yalla! Fight Back live radio WNZK AM 690 every 2nd Friday and online, and podcast.

Yalla! Fight Back live radio WNZK AM 690 every 2nd Friday and online, and podcast.

You can make a difference!!!

Yalla! Fight Back for our rights

Yalla! Fight Back against racism

Yalla! Fight Back against media bias

Yalla! Fight Back to free Palestine

Yalla! Fight Back to save Syria

Yalla! Fight Back to strengthen your voice in American politics

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To understand the challenge, listen to Ray Hanania’s Yalla! Fight Back segment on US Arab Radio broadcast on the 2nd Friday of every month and in special Friday editions as promoted on our website. (Check the calendar listings on this website and on others in Ray Hanania’s network.

Yalla! Fight Back Radio with Ray Hanania is broadcast on the 2nd Friday of every month, and in special editions, live on 690 AM WNZK Radio broadcasting from Detroit …

Listen to the Podcast on the book and show … more importantly, call in every 2nd Friday and joint he discussion.

You can listen to the podcasts of the show by visiting RayHanania.podbean.com

Yalla! Fight Back is a part of the US Arab Radio network hosted by Laila Alhusini … it’s my effort to energize and empower Arab Americans to stand up for their right…

The radio show call-in number is 248-557-3300

You can read my columns online at TheDailyHookah.com and at the Arab News newspaper and online at the ArabNews.com.


1 – Don’t focus on the Consequences of problems alone. Address and correct the problem itself.

2 – Unite as a community

3 – Understand politics, it’s not 100 percent

4 – Tell our story

5 – Fight back … not violence, speaking out

6 – Support Arab American Media and challenge the racism and bigotry in the mainstream American new smedia

7 – Emotion and anger is not a strategy. Use effective strategic communications to make a difference.

8 – Recognize, acknowledge mistakes and failures … and then correct the mistakes and failures


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