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Welcome to the Arab Daily News

TADN Logo 72PT 300x300The Arab Daily News is an online news and feature blog written by professional journalists, writers and bloggers that seeks to provide original news, features and commentaries about the American Arab community, the Muslim Community, and the Middle East.

We strive to give you the news stories that the biased, racist mainstream American News Media seeks to suppress.

You will read articles here that you will most likely not find anywhere else.

Are we journalists? Many of us are.




This website is not about being “anti-Israel.” It is not about hate. It is about freeing American minds from the managed manipulation of certain stories to downplay criticism of a government or exaggerate stereotypes about American Arabs and Muslims. It is about the expression of fair and informed commentary, and providing news and feature reports about Arabs and Muslims that often are excluded by the mainstream news media.

We hope you enjoy this website and learn from it. And, we welcome your views, your feedback and your ideas for stories and on how to improve this web site.

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This isn’t just about politics. It is about understanding Arab culture and recognizing that we are as American as everyone else, and we have a right to express our views without being bullied, marginalized, hated, stereotyped or even sometimes, sadly, attacked.


All content on The Arab Daily News is copyright the individual writers and bloggers. Please contact them if you have any issues or would like to discuss the topics they address. The opinions and writings of writers and bloggers on The Arab Daily News do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of the managing writer. Please contact us if there is an issue and we will do our best to help resolve it.

If you have any issues with any posts, please contact the writer of the post first. You can also contact the website manager by clicking here and providing information on your issue. We strive to be fair.

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