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About The Arab Daily News Online Newspaper

“In real estate, it is location, location, location. But in writing, it is content, content, content.”

— Award winning journalist Ray Hanania

The Arab Daily News is an independent, professional journalism online news and blog website which features the independent writings of individual bloggers and writers.

The news website features original news, features and opinion commentary from a wide range of writers on a wide range of topics that include both mainstream American issues and news, features and opinion on issues related to Middle East Americans, Arabs, Arab Culture and the Middle East politics and life.

The Arab Daily News strives to be a mainstream American newspaper and we write on ALL issues of interest to the public. But we also include a special interest in original news, features and opinion commentary about the American Arab community.

The front page displays all of the newest postings including the main section which features news, features and opinion commentary, a section for Mainstream news and features on all topics, a side bar section that features press releases and news, and a Feature section that highlights entertainment, sports, food and more.

The mainstream American news media is biased and discriminates against American Arabs and American Arab Muslims. They marginalize the positive side of the American Arab and American Arab Muslim community, but exaggerate the negative side of the community. In publishing our stories, we will feature all original news in several sections. Blogs and opinion commentary about the Middle East, and news, features and opinion commentary about mainstream American and world issues.

We encourage freelance writers to submit articles for publication that are original and not published elsewhere or previously published. 

We ALSO encourage organizations, groups and businesses to submit their press releases and news articles with photos and graphics for publication. 

Each  post is the responsibility of the writer. The Arab Daily News website editors strive to ensure that all posts meet professional journalism standards and practices, and represent and address issues fairly. If you have any issues with any blog post or opinion, you should contact the writer of the article. You may also notify the website manager of any content. Contact the website manager by clicking here.

We also require original photographs taken by you as the writer when possible. We often use photos, with permission, from Wikipedia, Zemanta and Getty Images to supplement blog posts. Each writer is responsible for the photographs and graphics used in their stories.

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Please feel free to send us your press releases, feature stories, news items and also obituaries so we can document the many great lives of Arabs in America. The Obituary section is very important to record our achievements, heroes and accomplishments as Arab immigrants to America. Send them by email to Editor.

We are very proud Americans who are also proud of our Arab heritage and culture. We strive to make America a stronger, safer and better nation. We believe strongly in Free Speech, democracy, and civil rights for all regardless of race, religion, ethnicity or country of origin.

All content Copyright (C) 2013-2017 Ray Hanania, The Arab Daily News, Hanania Enterprises Ltd., and the individual authors. PO Box 2127 Orland Park, IL., 60462 USA



We use Disqus as our primary system to comment, allowing you to engage others throughout the world, not just readers of our site. We also feature forums through Disqus that address Middle East and mainstream issues and news.

To participate, you must register at Disqus. In doing so, though, you will find a wide variety of issues that go far beyond our website.

We encourage you to comment. Comments help increase the exposure of the stories which are unique and offer commentaries, news and features from the American Arab perspective, something not found in the biased mainstream American news media.

You can make a difference by participating.

And we WANT to hear what you have to say.



The Arab Daily News invites you to send us your press releases for possible inclusion in our reporting.

We also will help you distribute your press release by sending it to our growing list of American Arab writers, bloggers, freelance writers, American Arab and Muslim news media, and professional American Arab and Muslim journalists.

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We have more than 100 ethnic Arab and Muslim newspapers in America, most overlapped in several cities including Chicago, Detroit, Los Angeles, Houston, Miami and Cleveland. Much of what is written involves politics. As you can see online, even more involves opinion.

What is missing, however, is quality feature and news writing. We don’t have enough news and feature stories about American Arabs.

Too much of the editorial content in our newspapers is religious. There is a place for religious news but it dominates our community writing.

Too much of the writing is commentary, written by activists and not journalists. These commentaries are good also, but too much commentary creates excessive internal community debate and not enough community information.

What we need is more reporting on the events. Quality news reports on who we are. One of the most important aspects of a good community newspaper is being the “newspaper of record.” That means having a place where the history of our community — not just volumes of our opinions — is documented and archived for latter generations to read. Quality news stories that record our existence in the context of our role as Americans is missing. We know what we argue about but we don’t know much about the detailed history of our existence in America. It is spotty. Inconsistent. Incomplete.

Feature stories add a support level for news stories. Feature stories explore the essence of who we are. They include profiles of community leaders that accurately reflect their history and experiences, minus the political bickering that often creates conflict rather than understanding. Too much writing focuses on politically motivated interpretations of events and people. So we don’t have a real understanding of who our community really is.

We need more quality features and more quality news reporting.

The Arab Daily News seeks to fill that near-empty void, to document our existence in America while also offering news about our homelands in the Middle East, the countries where we originate. These features and news are essential to a professional news media. Too much opinion can undermine an ethnic community. Over the years, the American Arab community has been undermined by this politically driven bickering and divisions. It has made us vulnerable to the stereotyping of the mainstream media and public. Without self-defined news and features, we have become slaves to the larger mainstream news media which views us in the narrow perspective of being terrorists, un-American and foreigners when in fact we are often more American than Americans themselves.

American Arabs have served in the Military beginning in the Civil War. We have played significant roles in government and in local societies as leaders, not as controversies. We have made great contributions to America.

Here at the Arab Daily News, we hope to make a small dent in changing this by offering original features and reliable news about who we are.

That’s one reason why we have an Arab American News Wire, a place where organizations and individuals can showcase and brag about their activities and achievements and their lives. Our existence as American Arabs is important and we need to tell our story.

Telling our story begins with you. Average American Arabs. Whether you are Christian or Muslim, or even Jewish Arabs, we want your news.

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We’ll still run opinion commentary to challenge public notions about who we are but the substance that will really make a difference for our success will come through increased writing of features and news about American Arabs.

The health of any ethnic community like American Arabs is reflected in the health of its local ethnic news media. We want to elevate our news media to become more professional. Fair. Accurate. And, most importantly, to write the stories that traditional and mainstream media fail to do everyday.

We need to tell our story and that’s what the Arab Daily News is all about.


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We also publish, with permission, articles from a variety of news sources including the Maan News Agency (www.MaanNews.net).

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