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Advertise in the Arab Daily News for impact

Your Advertisement will appear on ALL EXISTING WEB PAGES

Past, present and future pages during the life of your ad campaign.

That’s Significant!

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The Arab Daily News is unique from many other American Arab and Muslim publications.

We strive to offer original news and feature articles that focus on the Arabs and Muslims in America. Many of our stories are exclusive news and feature stories you will not find elsewhere. Our articles are easily found on all of the search engines.

01-26-14ArabDailyNewsFrontPageWe’re not just about the Middle East conflict and we don’t just publish opinions as many other publications do. We continually strive to become a professional journalism news source about the community providing news and features that American Arabs and Muslims will enjoy reading, but that include stories mainstream Americans will want to read, too.

That’s why our visitor and readership data continues to grow.

The majority of our readers find the page they read through a search engine, so 90 percent of the visits represent direct hits, usually through a News Site display or search engine search, (PageViews).

About 10 to 15 percent of our visitors enter the website through the front page, typing in the web address and then view a story through the front page, (Visitors).

AdvertiseSkyClouds300-300Many of our writers are professional journalists. We also showcase bloggers who explore a wide range of topics of interest to everyone.

We hope you will consider advertising with us.

We can place two Ad sizes: Box 300 x 300 pixels and horizontal rectangle 300 x 75 pixels. All Advertisements can be hyperlinked to your URL or web site so you can monitor traffic hits from our site.

Our website traffic continues to rise dramatically.

Traffic for the Arab Daily News January - April 2017.

Traffic for the Arab Daily News January – April 2017. (We update this Image Report regularly)

Our Advertising Policy:

We accept all press releases. Press Releases that we feel are news pertinent to our readership and align with our content focus, may be converted and use as news or feature stories. (We reserve the right to accept or reject any press releases based on its content.)

You can also pay to have your press release placed on our website as a Paid Advertisement Story.

You can also purchase a graphic Advertisement (300 x 300 pixels, or 300 x 75 pixels) to display on all our pages (current pages and all past and archived pages will reflect your Ad during the time period for its placement).

All Ads must be paid in advance.

The Arab Daily News is published by: Hanania Enterprises, PO Box 2127, Orland Park, IL., 60462, USA

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