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What happened on 8 June 1967, will never be forgotten by the crew of the USS LIBERTY

So that every American will know what happened to the USS LIBERTY 50 years ago:

This American writes to End the USA Government Cover-Up of Israel’s attack on the USS LIBERTY

By Eileen Fleming

What follows is Chapter One from THIS AMERICAN and The USS LIBERTY, to be published following this June’s USS LIBERTY Veterans Reunion that begins at Arlington Cemetery at noon on June 8 and concludes in Norfolk, Virginia on the 11th.

I am from New York but live in Florida.

Before that day we call 9/11, I was a comfortably numb Christian and I remain a privileged American.

I am the granddaughter of a German Jew who died before I could learn how many of my relatives were gassed or fried by the Third Reich.

My father was 17-years-old when he joined the Navy and boarded the USS Flint as a Radioman. He wanted to be a reporter but became a New York City policeman and retired as a detective in 1971. When my father was 80, The Orlando Sentinel published his memory of receiving the telegraph message announcing the end of World War II to the USS Flint crew.

I became a nurse in the mid 1970’s, but I realized my childhood dream at the age of 50, when I became a reporter during my first trip to Jerusalem in 2005, after Mordechai Vanunu, Israel’s nuclear whistleblower informs me:

Did you that President Kennedy tried to stop Israel from building atomic weapons? In 1963, he forced Prime Minister Ben Guirion to admit the Dimona was not a textile plant, as the sign outside proclaimed, but a nuclear plant. The Prime Minister said, ‘The nuclear reactor is only for peace.’ Kennedy insisted on an open internal inspection. He wrote letters demanding that Ben Guirion open up the Dimona for inspection.

When Johnson became president, he made an agreement with Israel that two senators would come every year to inspect. Before the senators would visit, the Israelis would build a wall to block the underground elevators and stairways. From 1963 to ’69, the senators came, but they never knew about the wall that hid the rest of the Dimona from them.

Nixon stopped the inspections and agreed to ignore the situation. As a result, Israel increased production. In 1986, there were over two hundred bombs. Today, they may have enough plutonium for ten bombs a year.


The reason WHY I even met Vanunu was because after 9/11, I connected with an Orlando based educational nonprofit, The Olive Trees Foundation for Peace.

The organization had been founded as a nonviolent response to 9/11, by a 1948 Palestinian Muslim refugee from the Galilee who made his way to the USA and realized the American Dream.

Dr. Khaled Diab inspired American Christians, Jews, Muslims and others to learn about the Israeli Palestinian conflict and we raised funds for over 40,000 fruit bearing trees that were rooted on both sides of Israel’s Wall before the non-profit disbanded.

In 2005 Dr. Diab guided me on my first of 8 trips to both sides of The Wall in the Holy Land.

During that trip, a serendipitous meeting with Mordechai Vanunu led to my becoming the lone reporter in the world to document Israel’s nuclear whistle blower’s human rights struggle which began on 21 April 2004, when Vanunu emerged from 18 years behind bars to open air captivity under ludicrous and draconian restrictions.

Learn the latest regarding Vanunu Mordechai who has taken to Twitter to report on his struggle for Freedom from Israel HERE

When I asked Vanunu about his hometown he replied, “Have you seen the DOROTHY DAY movie The Man who Knew Too Much? It was filmed where I grew up.”

I laughed and said, “You mean DORIS Day and she sang Que Sera Sera!”

“Yeah, that’s the one,” Vanunu replied.

But I was already imagining what would DOROTHY DAY write about Vanunu, Israel, Palestine and the USA today?

In the 20th century, Dorothy Day agitated Church and State in the penny a copy newspaper, THE CATHOLIC WORKER

I told Vanunu:

When I was a child, my dream was to grow up and become a Brenda Starr! She was a comic book character with red hair and an ace investigative journalist for the metropolitan daily called THE FLASH!

When I was a kid I traveled the world with Brenda as she solved mysteries, unearthed scoops and searched for unusual and usually dangerous stories.

All during my time in Israel Palestine I have been remembering that childhood and childish dream. But when you just said Dorothy Day, my dream grew up!

When I return to America I am going to establish an Internet newspaper to tell your story and the reasons WHY there is a Christian Exodus from the Holy Land today!

I will become media because corporate media is not reporting all they should and I am pissed off at my government for what they are colluding in!

Vanunu looked at me as if I were crazy and said, “good luck.”

The saying goes that if you are not crazy before you get to Jerusalem: you will go crazy there!

Within three weeks after my first trip to Jerusalem, I established with this Mission Statement:

WAWA/WeAreWideAwake is my Public Service to America as a muckracker who has journeyed [8] times to Israel Palestine since June 2005. WAWA is dedicated to confronting media and governments that shield the whole truth.

We who Are Wide Awake are compelled by the “fierce urgency of Now” [Rev MLK, Jr.] to raise awareness and promote the human dialogue about many of the crucial issues of our day: the state of our Union and in protection of democracy, what life is like under military occupation in Palestine, the Christian EXODUS from the Holy Land, and spirituality-from a Theologically Liberated Christian Anarchist POV.

In 2012, I ran for US HOUSE and at the top of my platform was to establish every June 8 to be known as USS LIBERTY REMEMBRANCE DAY.

The ABC affiliate in Orlando, offered all the local 2012 candidates for federal office three minutes of television time. I used mine to say that if I were elected, I would work to end federal regulations on cannabis and allow the states the right to legalize [or not] and reap all the profits from cultivation to dissemination of cannabis.

I said I would work to establish every June 8th to be known as USS LIBERTY Remembrance Day

I quoted George Washington’s warning from his farewell address to US:

Observe good faith and justice towards all nations; cultivate peace and harmony with all…and passionate attachments for others, should be excluded; and that, in place of them, just and amicable feelings towards all should be cultivated. The nation which indulges towards another a habitual hatred or a habitual fondness is in some degree a slave…a passionate attachment of one nation for another produces a variety of evils.

On 8 June 1967, Israel killed 34 USS LIBERTY servicemen, wounded 174 and blamed the victims who had been navigating in international waters.

The LBJ Administration failed to support the USS LIBERTY troops and set the precedent for a 50-year cover up of Israel’s attack on America’s then premier intelligence gathering ship.

This American is calling for this President to write an Executive Order establishing USS LIBERTY REMEMBRANCE DAY.

When Donald J. Trump or any POTUS signs an Executive Order Congress is required to respond.

The only response the USS LIBERTY Veterans have been asking for is a new and true Naval Court of Inquiry of the events aboard the USS LIBERTY and at the White House on 8 June 1967.

Because every American needs to know WHY the US government has persisted to cover-up Israel’s attack and due to the aftermath of disrespect of the USS LIBERTY veterans, this American will soon conclude this book which is Part 2 of:

 A USS Liberty Remembrance of 50 years USA Government Cover-Up of Israel’s 8 June 1967 Attack on USA Spy-Ship







Eileen Fleming is TADN’s volunteer Health Reporter and Senior Non-Arab Correspondent

Fleming produced the UNCENSORED “30 Minutes with Vanunu” Mordechai, Israel’s nuclear whistleblower

On 8 June 2017, Eileen Fleming begins taping “This American and the USS LIBERTY Documentary”

Contact her HERE

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Eileen Fleming

Senior Non-Arab Correspondent for TADN at The Arab Daily News
Senior Non-Arab Correspondent for The Arab Daily News
Producer "30 Minutes with Vanunu" who founded in response to her first of 8 trips to both sides of The Wall in Palestine Israel.
In 2012, Eileen ran for US House of Representatives District 5, in Fl.
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