My Year With Jane Fonda

My Year With Jane Fonda
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Jane Fonda first inspired this baby-boomer in 1971. In 2016 Jane Fonda became my main muse-meaning source of inspiration

By Eileen Fleming
I was a junior in high school when Jane Fonda starred in “KLUTE” and inspired me to cut my waist length hair into a shag.

In the 1980’s I went “for the burn” with “Jane Fonda’s WORKOUT” and shortly after publishing “Wabi Sabi Body: ETERNAL SPIRIT” in February 2016, I began to work out along with “Jane Fonda’s PRIME TIME” series of DVD’s.

I smile out loud as I “Firm and Burn” with Jane Fonda and friends to low-impact aerobic dance routines, am energized with “Fit and Strong”, build muscle and increase flexibility with “Trim, Tone and Flex” and save money and time with “AM PM YOGA for Beginners” in lieu of attending a yoga studio.

In September 2016, I was diagnosed with PTSD/Post Traumatic Stress caused by my brother’s death by suicide in February 2015.

Since being diagnosed with PTSD, I learned I will face ‘triggers’ for the rest of my life and my way back to peace within has required removing myself from the ‘trigger.’

So far the ‘triggers’ have only occurred during family celebrations but I believe the intense misery would have lasted much longer without my daily habits which I refer to as my healthy addictions:

Meditation, physical movement and writing my heart out.

Jane Fonda wrote her heart out and shared her unique life in JANE FONDA My Life So Far that I read over the final days of 2016.

I read JANE FONDA My Life So Far by way of listening to Jane Fonda’s reading of it on Audible.

Audible Inc. is an company that produces digital audio books and audio versions of magazines and newspapers.

JANE FONDA My Life So Far is an alarmingly honest insight into the Fonda family, losing loved ones to suicide, dysfunctional relationships, the torture of perfectionism and eating disorders, intimacy, pregnancy, divorce, spiritual transformations, callings and how Vietnam birthed her passionate political conscience and dedication to GI’s against war.

Cover of "The China Syndrome (Special Edi...

Cover of The China Syndrome (Special Edition)

In Chapter 29 of JANE FONDA My Life So Far she speaks about the fictional thriller “The China Syndrome” which portrays a nuclear meltdown.

“The China Syndrome” premiered in March 1979 and was met with a major backlash from the nuclear power industry claiming it was “sheer fiction” and a “character assassination of an entire industry.”

Twelve days later, a partial nuclear meltdown occurred at Three Mile Island nuclear power plant.

In “The China Syndrome” Jane Fonda portrays TV news reporter Kimberly Wells. In her book Fonda explains the characters long red hair was inspired by the fictional character “Brenda Starr, Reporter” created in 1940 as a comic strip for the Chicago Tribune Syndicate.

Brenda Starr announced her retirement in the final comic strip published on 2 January 2011, when she says good-bye to the newsroom which has gone online and walks away with tears in her eyes.
As a child, I learned to read by way of the Sunday comics and Brenda Starr was my favorite.

In 2005, on the Home page of my first website,, I wrote:

Before 9/11, I did not give too much thought for another beyond my rural community. I was apolitical, thought the world had already gone mad and there was nothing much anyone could do or say to change it. I lived a simple contended life in the rural South and have always been grateful to be an American.

But after 9/11, I wanted to learn why did a few-and back then it was but a few-people in the world hated Americans so much that they could cold bloodedly murder innocent people. I also wanted to do some good in the world and that led me to the Interfaith Olive Trees Foundation for Peace and then to journey seven times into Israel Palestine as of June 2009.

When I was a child, my dream was to grow up and become Brenda Starr, the red headed, ace investigative journalist, who was smarter than the guys, glamorous and headstrong. Star reporter for the metropolitan daily, The Flash, the fictional Brenda traveled the world solving mysteries and unearthing scoops. Brenda intuitively knew when somebody was not telling the truth. Brenda boldly went around the world searching for unusual and usually dangerous stories.

While Brenda Starr, is my muse, my role model and mentor is Dorothy Day, who agitated church, state and media in her time through her publication, The Catholic Worker, which persists today…

Dorothy Day United Farmworker picket line, 1973


In the final chapters of JANE FONDA My Life So Far, we learn how and why the former atheist became a Christian Universalist.

During the last days of 2016, I learned from Richard Rohr:

There were a number of fathers in the early church (the first four centuries C.E.) who believed in apokatastasis, “universal restoration” (Acts 3:21).

They believed that the real meaning of the resurrection of Christ was that God’s love was so perfect and so victorious that it would finally win out in every single person’s life.

They were so sure about this that their thought partially gave rise to the mythology of purgatory as a place—in the dying process or shortly after death, God’s infinite love can and will still get at you!


They felt that no soul could resist such a love once it was revealed to them. (Most Catholics forgot that the original folk belief in purgatory represented an overwhelming sense of God’s always-victorious love and mercy. Like many great mysteries, it deteriorated into its exact opposite, a place of punishment—which is all a worldview of scarcity can devise.)

When I read the history of the church and its dogma, apokatastasis was never condemned as heretical. We were never told we must believe it, but we were allowed to believe in universal restoration. Interestingly, we Catholics are always canonizing saints, pronouncing them to be in heaven beyond a shadow of a doubt. They are our role models; we can imitate them. Yet this same church has never declared that a single person is in hell or purgatory, not even Judas or Hitler. The church might just be holding out for a possible universal restoration.

The true meaning of the raising of Jesus is that God will turn all our human crucifixions into resurrection. This is a social, historical victory for God. Part of why we could not accept it is that we want individual people to “get their due.”

But the real biblical message is that God is saving history much more than mere individuals. This should have been apparent from YHWH’s relationship with Israel which was always corporate, both in its covenants and in its chastisements.  We are all in this together, biblically speaking…

Could God’s love really be that great and that universal? Is life just a great school of love? I believe it is. Love is the lesson, and God’s love is so great that God will finally teach it to all of us. We’ll finally surrender, and God will win in the end. That will be God’s “justice,” which will swallow up our lesser versions. God—Love—does not lose! That is what it means to be God. [Adapted from Richard Rohr, Everything Belongs: The Gift of Contemplative Prayer (The Crossroad Publishing Company: 1999, 2003), 131-133.]

Jane Fonda is a lifelong activist who spent 2016 spearheading protests against the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline at Standing Rock Indian Reservation and supporting a number of other causes close to her heart.

Read what Jane Fonda will do in 2017 at JANE FONDA OFFICIAL WEBSITE and COMMUNITY


I end my 2016 writings with this excerpt from the final Chapter of “WabiSabi Body: ETERNAL SPIRIT”:

During the session of Peace Ambassador 2.0 Training on the evening before the first anniversary of my brother’s suicide, I learned about Radical Forgiveness, a process for quickly dissolving residual pain attached to emotion-related problems.
The FREE “Radical SELF Forgiveness” worksheet relieved my yearlong burden and feeling 100% GUILTY for my failure to be my brother’s keeper after I learned of his death by suicide on 11 Feb. 2015. Through the worksheet I learned I also had 0% SHAME over the situation and then I understood that may have been why I was driven to obtain and publish my brother’s final writings in FAMILY MATTERS: OCD, Addictions and Suicide.

Regarding my passionate eleven year online mission trying to help end US collusion in Israel’s occupation of Palestine, nuclear deceptions and ongoing human rights struggle of Israel’s nuclear whistle blower Mordechai Vanunu, the FREE worksheet “A Radical Transformation” which addresses world issues helped me see that my long strange sometimes excruciating and only lately greatly appreciated journey was all meant to be because:

“There are no mistakes, no coincidences. All events are blessings given to us to learn from.” –Elisabeth Kubler-Ross

The “Radical Transformation” worksheet includes “The Radical Forgiveness Invocation”:

May we all stand firm in the knowledge and comfort that all things are now, have always been, and forever will be in divine order, unfolding according to a divine plan. And may we also ask for support in consciousness in feeling our connection with the divine part of us, with everyone and with everything, so that we can truly say and feel- we are ONE.

The Earth Charter calls us to share responsibility for the well being of all with a vision of hope and a call to action. The Earth Charter concludes:

Let ours be a time to be remembered for the awakening of a new reverence for life, the firm resolve to achieve sustainability, the quickening of the struggle for justice and peace, and the joyful celebration of life.

Amen and amen means So Be It.

This Senior Non-Arab Correspondent for TADN is dedicating the New Year to helping End the USA Government Cover-up and Honor USS LIBERTY

-Eileen Fleming, health reporter and senior non-Arab correspondent for TADN can be contacted HERE

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