Israel annihilates entire German-Palestinian family in Gaza

Israel annihilates entire German-Palestinian family in Gaza
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Israel annihilates entire German-Palestinian family in Gaza

German government is eerily silent, supports Israel

By Ali Younes

German Family massacred by Israel in Gaza Strip: German Government silent in the face of slaughter

German Family massacred by Israel in Gaza Strip: German Government silent in the face of slaughter

The indiscriminate Israeli bombardment of Gaza has been relentless has already claimed the lives of hundreds of Palestinian victims and wounded hundreds more. The victims included entire families who were inside their homes huddled away from the Israeli bombs only to be hit by an Israeli missile fired from an Israeli fighter jets.

One of those family is Palestinian-German family of Ibrahim Deeb Kilani, 53, who was killed of his family of five children and his wife. Kilani was an architectural engineer.

The victim was a German citizen of Palestinian heritage who lived in Germany for over 15 years before he decided to move to Gaza and settle there with his young family.

Killed with his was his wife Tagreed, 45 and his five young children aged 4 to 13 years old. Also killed was Mr. Kilani’s two sisters in law and husband of one.

Apparently the other victims were seeking shelter at the Mr. Kilani’s apartment they were all killed.

I spoke to the victim’s brother, Jamil Kilani, who told me that his brother and his family was trying to leave Gaza the next day or the day after for Germany when they were killed. According to the brother, the Israelis bombed the upper floors of the building they were living in and destroyed the upper three floors. The building has 5 floors and is called “ Burj al Salam” meaning, ironically, means the tower of peace.

A picture circulated on social media shows a destroyed building were the Kilani family was killed show a  five story build with its upper floor completely destroyed. The Israeli army claims that Hamas or its men hide among civilians or hide weapons in nearby locations.

But this line of argument has been proven to be false time and again because for one Gazans have no where to go or hide from the Israeli bombardment, they are more like a stationary targets for the Israeli land, air, and sea bombardment. The case of this family is a proof that Israel drops its bombs indiscriminately on the people of Gaza.

According to the Palestinian Ministry of Health in Gaza the number of Palestinian victims of the Israeli bombardment of civilians has reached 836 people killed and over 5400 wounded at the time of writing this report. Many of those killed were children, women and elderly.

The Arab Daily News has contacted the German Foreign Ministry in Berlin seeking comment on this case, but officials there refused to comment on the case, however they confirmed the German citizenships of the victims.

Building where German family lived, destroyed by Israel's targeting of civilians in their war against Hamas in the Gaza Strip

Building where German family lived, destroyed by Israel’s targeting of civilians in their war against Hamas in the Gaza Strip

It is unusual however, as to why the German government chose to stay quiet on the  killing of German citizens by Israel. This stance perhaps can be explained because the German citizens happened to be also Palestinians from Gaza.

If this is the case, and it appears to be as such, then the German government in reality is no different than Israel in their anti-Arab and anti-Palestinian. policies.  Germany moreover is guilty of discrimination, because had those poor Palestinians were killed by a country other than Israel, Germany would surely protest that country’s action.

Israel however appears to have a free hand to kill Germans should they become targets of its military or being in the wrong place and in the wrong time.

Germany is staunch supporter of Israel and German Chancellor Angela Merkel defended the Israeli war on Gaza saying the Jewish state has a right to protect itself from Hamas fire. Like other European and American leaders, Merkel also supported Israel ground invasion of Gaza. Recent survey by “Stern Magazine said however that

86 percent of Germans said that Germany should stand with Israel on this conflict.

German Jews criticize Israel

German Radio Deutch Welle reported that “ Rolf Verleger, a Jew and former board member of the Central Council of Jews in Germany, places most of the blame for the current mood on the Israeli government. In a recent interview on German radio, he pointed out that the Gaza Strip had come to resemble a giant prison and said it should be possible for a person to express criticism of Israel’s Gaza policy without being branded an anti-Semite.”  “What do my murdered ancestors have to do with the injustice perpetrated in the Middle East right now?” he added.

The full names and ages of the victims:

 1. Ibrahim Deeb Ahmad Killani 53 years

2. Mahmoud Shaban Mohamad Dirbas  37 years

3. yasser Ibrahim Deeb Killani 8 years old

4. Elias Ibrahim deeb Killani 4 years old

5. taghreed Shabaan Mohamad Killani 45 years old (women)

6 Sawosan ibrahim deeb Killani 11 years old (little girl)

7. Reem ibrahim deeb Killani 12 years old (little girl)

8. Aida Shaban mohamamd Dirbas 47 years (woman)

9. Surra Shaban Mohamad Dirbas 41 (women)

10 Yaseen Ibrahim Deeb Killani 9 years old (little boy)

11. Enas Shaban Mohamad Dirbas 30 years old (women)

(Ali Younes is the editor of The Arab Daily News.)

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This post has been viewed 6271 times.

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