Scandinavians Call for Criminal Investigation of Nobel Peace Prize

Scandinavians Call for Criminal Investigation of Nobel Peace Prize
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Scandinavians Call for Criminal Investigation of Nobel Peace Prize

 By Eileen Fleming

Exclusive to The Arab Daily News

“My dynamite will sooner lead to peace than a thousand world conventions. As soon as men will find that in one instant, whole armies can be utterly destroyed, they surely will abide by golden peace.”-Alfred Nobel

Alfred Bernhard Nobel invented dynamite and when he wrote his last will, in 1895, he left most of his wealth to the establishment of the Nobel Prize to be used to reward human ingenuity and those with moral backbones. Nobel desired to award people whose work benefited humanity in physics, chemistry, medicine, literature, and for those who work for peace.

Nobel clearly supported the anti-militaristic peace movement, such as the one headed by Bertha von Suttner, who in 1876, worked as Nobel’s secretary-housekeeper for one week. Suttner became a novelist, radical pacifist, and was the first woman to be a Nobel Peace Prize laureate. Although her personal contact with Alfred Nobel was brief, she corresponded with him until his death in 1896, and was a major influence in his decision to include a peace prize, which she won in 1905.

On 23 April 2014, 16 Scandinavians called for a CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION OF NOBEL PEACE PRIZE

The management of the Nobel Peace Prize has become a case for the Norwegian police, following a request for criminal investigation from 16 prominent Scandinavians, parliamentarians, lawyers, authors and peace activists, 10 Swedes and 6 Norwegians, to the authority on economic crime, the ØKOKRIM. The move is based on the research of Norwegian lawyer Fredrik S. Heffermehl who in his books has called for respect for Alfred Nobel and the peace plan he wished to support.


In his last years Nobel joined the peace movement and wished to support financially its idea of co-operation on disarmament to replace military force and forces. The Norwegian Parliament appoints the five-member selection committee that must step down and be replaced by people who favor the idea of the prize,” says Heffermehl. He claims that his demands through 6 years, and even an order in March 2012 from the Swedish Foundations Authority have not led the awarders to show any interest in Nobel and what he really wanted. This is unlawful and criminal, and the requested police investigation comes as a last resort to secure justice for “the champions of peace” Nobel specified in his will.


The letter of accusation points in particular to Thorbjørn Jagland, the chair of the Nobel Committee and the incumbent Secretary General of the Council of Europe, and to Geir Lundestad, the powerful secretary of the committee.


“The laws must be respected also by politicians, it is particularly worrisome that the Nobel awarders act as if they were above the law and seem to feel confident that society will not enforce the law against them,” says Sweden´s Tomas Magnusson, a former president of the International Peace Bureau.


“Ignoring dissent and mowing down dissidents is a dangerous path to embark on. If we allow such norms to become political standard, how much democracy do we then have?”


The 16 persons signing the request for criminal investigations are:

Anna-Lisa Björneberg, Sweden, chair of Fredsam (Gothenburg),

Nils Christie, Norway, professor, University of Oslo

Erik Dammann, Norway, founder “Future in our hands,” Oslo

Thomas Hylland Eriksen, Norway, professor, University of Oslo

Ståle Eskeland, Norway, professor of criminal law, University of Oslo

Erni Friholt, Sweden, Peace movement of Orust

Ola Friholt, Sweden, Peace movement of Orust

Gunnar Garbo, Norway, ex MP, leader of Venstre, the Liberal Party

Fredrik S. Heffermehl, Norway, lawyer and author on the Nobel Peace Prize

Lars-Gunnar Liljestrand, Sweden, Chair of the Association of FiB lawyers

Tomas Magnusson, Sweden, ex President, International Peace Bureau

Birger Schlaug, Sweden, author, ex MP

Sören Sommelius, Sweden, author and culture journalist

Maj-Britt Theorin, Sweden, ex President, International Peace Bureau

Gunnar Westberg, Sweden, Professor, ex Co-President IPPNW (Nobel peace prize 1985)

Jan Öberg,TFF, Sweden, Transnational Foundation for Peace and Future Research.

For more information contact

Fredrik S. Heffermehl, Email:, Phone: +47 917 44 783

Tomas Magnusson, Email: , Phone: +46 708 29 31 97

Foundations Authority decision, books etc.:


One Case in Point:

In 1994, Yitzhak Rabin, Yasser Arafat and Shimon Peres were all awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for playing a part in achieving the Oslo Declaration of Principles.

According to the preamble of the DOP, peace was to be based on mutual respect and reconciliation.

Ever since receiving the Nobel Peace Prize for his part in achieving the Oslo agreement, Peres has been most instrumental in helping to destroy that agreement.

Within days of the announcement for 2009’s Nobel Peace Prize, Israel’s Nuclear Whistle blower Mordechai Vanunu wrote the Nobel Peace Prize Committee:

“I am asking the committee to remove my name from the nominations…I cannot be part of a list of laureates that includes Simon Peres…Peres established and developed the atomic weapon program in Dimona in Israel…Peres was the man who ordered [my] kidnapping…he continues to oppose my freedom and release…WHAT I WANT IS FREEDOM AND ONLY FREEDOM…FREEDOM AND ONLY FREEDOM I NEED NOW.”


Vanunu is still waiting for his freedom but can be contacted through his website and YouTube Channel


I remain grateful for all the letters I have received from President Peres’s office regarding my letters to him on topic of Israel’s Nuclear Whistle Blower:


USA MEDIA/eileen fleming received this acknowledgement of receipt of Petition "We are not free until Vanunu is FREE" on Good Friday 2014

USA MEDIA/eileen fleming received this acknowledgement of receipt of Petition “We are not free until Vanunu is FREE” on Good Friday 2014

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This post has been viewed 8628 times.

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Senior Non-Arab Correspondent for The Arab Daily News
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