Yahala Voice Brings Arabic Broadcasting to the Next Level

Yahala Voice Brings Arabic Broadcasting to the Next Level
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Yahala Voice Brings Arabic Broadcasting to the Next Level

By Reyad Ajour

yahalaMancari1For the first time An Arab-American Radio station airs a live show off-site.

Success wasn’t even the word to describe the Valentine’s Day event. It was a cold day in the Windy City, but that didn’t keep people from coming in and taking advantage of this opportunity.

Yahala Voice brought all equipment to Mancari’s dealership of Oak Lawn in Illinois  in an attempt to engage the community by meeting the hosts and staff members while participating in the popular trivia show  ”Fakker o Erbah”  translated  ”Think and Win”  sponsored by ZAAP TV. It airs three times a week on 1450 AM and www.yahalavoice.com. Normally, during this show people call in, choose to answer a general question or listen to a music clip and guess what song it is.

”The difference today was that we could see faces, listeners became also viewers for the first time, it was very nice to meet people you only knew by name when they called in to the show before,” said Nesreen Ballut, one of the hosts in the show. ” It was more lively this time,  people not only called in but came in person, met us and the other Yahala Voice staff, and had the chance to be on air from the dealership.”

yahalaMancari2Yahala Voice was giving away free prizes to lucky individuals that made it out and many others that called in on the show. ”It is something new, nobody did it before us,” said Khaled Khilfeh, another host of the show. ” We wanted to do it long a time ago, we were a little freaked out, because I don’t think we were fully equipped for this. But hey, we did it, we want to promote our radio in any way possible, and I believe we should have the support from all the Arab community here.”

The experience was not smooth, as they did face a technical difficulty in the beginning but they overcame it right away and the show went on.

Yahala Voice is a part of  Yahala Media Corporation– a marketing firm, opened in October 2012 in Bridgeview Illinois. They broadcast online at www.yahalavoice.com,  on local frequency 1450AM, and they also have mobile apps for iPhone and Android users. They currently have 20 different radio shows 24/7.

Visit yahalavoice.com for photos from this event and more information about upcoming events.

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