US cracks down on FIFA to avenge criticism of Israel

US cracks down on FIFA to avenge criticism of Israel
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Days after officials at the Federation of International Football Associations announced plans to allow a vote on whether or not to allow Israel to remain in the association, the United States launched a widespread prosecution against’s FIFA’s international leadership in Zurich Switzerland. That will teach FIFA for cracking down on Israeli racism

By Ray Hanania

The U.S. Justice Department issued arrest warrants for 14 leaders of the Federation of International Football Associations (FIFA) in Zurich, Switzerland on Wednesday, days after the head of FIFA announced he would permit a vote this week on a Palestinian resolution to suspend Israel from FIFA’s international soccer games.

Palestinians have accused Israel of apartheid discrimination and racism, citing Beitar Israel, the Israeli soccer team which bans non-Jews from playing and encourages fans to racist hatred and violence at games. They want Israel to allow non-Jews to play in its leagues and to crackdown on the racism and violence by Israelis against Christians and Muslims.

Israelis responded by arguing that there is racism and violence at soccer games around the world, so why crackdown on Israel?

But rather than allow the vote, the administration of President Barak Obama, who is in a tight Israeli political headlock, sent FBI agents to Zurich to arrest the 14 FIFA officials on charges of engaging in corruption “over the past 20 years.”


Israel isn’t America’s 51st State.
America is Israel’s 51st Settlement

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Obviously there was an immediate need to crack down now, I mean, after 20 years of “corruption.”

The arrests are viewed as a typically cynical and hypocritical move by the United States to defend Israel, and to ignore Israel’s violations of human and civil rights.

Obama has tried to confront Israel but has had his teeth kicked in by the Israeli lobby, AIPAC, which wields a brutal influence over Washington D.C. politics. Americans and their elected officials are not allowed to criticize Israel. If they do, the critics are denounced as anti-Semitic and Israel pours millions into election coffers to remove them from office.

The Guardian Newspaper, in an editorial last week, wrote that the suspension should go through because of Israel’s racist policies against non-Jewish citizens specifically Christian and Muslim Palestinians.

“The IFA [Israel Football Association] welcomes teams from illegal settlements into its leagues and competitions. It has racially segregated part of its national children’s league, incurring legal action. It has never once disciplined Beitar Jerusalem FC for that club’s longstanding apparent ban on the hiring of Arab players, or taken serious action to curb the notorious anti-Arab violence of its supporters. Two years of diplomacy have failed to secure change, and FIFA must now take punitive action in defence of its humanitarian ethos.”

Word in Washington D.C. is that the U.S. Government has been exploring prosecuting the Guardian staff for violating the fundamental principle of American Journalism that you can’t criticize Israel without consequences.

Israel isn’t America’s 51st State. America is Israel’s 51st Settlement. Just ask Fox & Fiends!

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“Fox & Fiends” is a new comic strip from The Arab Daily News that lampoons the vicious slander and lies on the FOX Cable TV morning show “Fox & Friends” starring propagandists Brian Kilmeade, Elisabeth Hasselbeck and Steve Doocy. Meet our Fox & Fiends anchors: Brian UrKillingme, Elisatits Hasselfrick and Steve Doofus.

“Fox & Fiends” is a new comic strip from The Arab Daily News that lampoons the vicious slander and lies on the FOX Cable TV morning show “Fox & Friends” starring propagandists Brian Kilmeade, Elisabeth Hasselbeck and Steve Doocy. Meet our Fox & Fiends anchors: Brian UrKillingme, Elisatits Hasselfrick and Steve Doofus.

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  • Steve Lewis

    My computer was attacked with multiple viruses that my computer fixer says he’s never seen before after I succeeded in getting anti-Zionist comments posted on Religious News Service. I am banned from posting there as this religious news venue too has been taken over by Zionists who will not allow any criticism of Israel, or Zionism. Rabbis especially hate to see my comments because I am exposing them as religious frauds who have swindled all of us Jews about the origin of Torah theology which they claim was originated by Hebrews. Well, it wasn’t. The Hebrew Torah comes from ancient Israelite association with the failed Hyksos Shepherd King invaders of Egypt from Canaan where the Egyptian Taurowet theology was learned, Taurowet a strange cartoonish hippo/lion/human animal person Mother Goddess whose Constellation, the biggest and most stable in the ancient Egyptian Zodiac, came to represent the Order and Harmony of Creation, a kind of MAAT symbolism every Egyptian could see. This is where Judah’s earthly Torah comes from. And if you tell rabbis this, they deny it and call you an “anti-Semite” and do things to stop you from spreading this historical information about core beliefs of Judaism. The world’s largest group of real anti-Semitic peoples are Zionist Jews and Evangelical Christians promoting a vicious genocidal racial war against Palestinian Arab Gentile Semites.

  • Pellam

    If Israel has that much influence over the United States, you have to give them credit. Israel is a tiny nation punching above its weight. Compare that to the disintegration of the nations around them.