Christian protestor promotes hatred in front of Dearborn Mosque

Christian protestor promotes hatred in front of Dearborn Mosque
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Christian protestor promotes hatred in front of Dearborn Mosque

By Ray Hanania

Dearborn Area Community Members Facebook Page, "Christian" woman protests muslims on Good Friday.

Dearborn Area Community Members Facebook Page, “Christian” woman protests muslims on Good Friday.

An unidentified woman who claimed to be Christian held up a large sign along an expressway in Dearborn, Michigan across from the Islamic Center of America Mosque in what was clear an act of provocation to insult and slander Muslims.

A member of the Mosque named “Norman S.” approached the woman and urged her to come to the mosque and meet Muslims, but the woman refused.

The woman, who did not identify herself, kept repeating that she believed that Jesus had died on the cross and was risen again, and added, “And you, the Muslims are deceived.”

Later she added, “I am not interested in a religion that fails” when the filmmaker repeatedly asked her to join him in visiting his mosque, noting that Muslims revere Jesus and praised Christianity as a “beautiful religion, too.”

The woman held up a large white sign that appeared to be about four feet tall and three feet wide on the side of a highway near the Mosque, which is located at 19500 Ford Road. The sign he held up as cars drove pas read, “I serve a RRISEN savior Jesus Christ. Muhammad is dead.”

Islamic Center of America Dearborn, Michigan

Islamic Center of America Dearborn, Michigan

The Muslims ended the video interview, noting “We love Jesus and we love you. You have a wonderful Easter and you are more than welcome to come to our mosque. Have a blessed day.”

The Arab Daily News

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Dearborn has been the target of anti-Muslim fanatics who have slandered and libeled Islam and claim to be doing so in the name of “Jesus” and “Christianity.”

The many consistent provocations have disrupted Arab events and even resulted in the cancellation of the annual Arab Festival that was held in Dearborn.

One protestor in the past displayed the butchered head of a pig, in a clear attempt to intimidate Muslims since pork is considered a “sin” not only by Muslims but by many Christians, too, especially Orthodox Christians.

Many Christian denounced the protests and the protestor saying that denouncing Islam is “unChristian-like” and contradictory of the principles of Christianity which respects all peoples of all religious beliefs.

In many other cities, a Muslim who would hold up a sign denouncing Christianity as being “Dead” or as a false religion might be charged with violating hate crime laws. But Christians who express hatred against Muslims are coddled and protected by America’s anti-Arab society.

Click here to view the video on Youtube.

You can view the entire video below, which was posted on the popular Facebook Page “Dearborn Area Community Members.” Click here to view the Facebook Page which was created by Dearborn activist Majed Moughni:



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