Jesus isn’t White, he is an Arab

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Jesus isn’t White, he is an Arab

By Ray Hanania

The place where — according to the Christian f...

The place where — according to the Christian folk tradition — Jesus was born. The site is located in Bethlehem, precisely in the cave under the Church of the Nativity. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There’s a big, unending debate about whether Jesus is White or is he Black? But I think Jesus has to be an Arab. No other people have suffered as much as the Arabs do today.

Technically, Arabs were not recognized as a people when Jesus was born in Bethlehem, the city that would eventually become the home to the Christian religious revolution.

But they existed. They just didn’t know what they were in for in a world that would be scarred over the next 2,000 years by racism, bigotry and discrimination.

There can also be a debate about who is and who isn’t a real Christian, too. That debate would be won by an Arab, which is the culture-of-origin of today’s Christians.

Too many of today’s “Christians” are not really Christian at all, just people who live in a fantasy world of self-centered commercial egotism. They pray to Jesus not because they really want peace in the world but because they think that they have better odds of getting something that will benefit and improve their lives from Jesus than they will from praying to the Mega Millions Lottery.

Well, Christians do play the Lottery. They squander hundreds of millions on selfish hope, even though most don’t expect to win because the odds are so astronomical.

New Jersey Lottery

New Jersey Lottery (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The odds against winning are so great that a Christian might actually see a loaf of bread miraculously reproduce itself – without being labeled pornographic in today’s twisted world – hundreds of times to feed the countless masses of the needy.

Christian charity isn’t really driven by concern for the poor, either. When we’re not wrapping our huge presents and stuffing them under the fake Christmas trees in our front rooms, we are regularly walking past the poor, the indigent and the homeless without a thought. Rolling up our windows. Turning our eyes away.

No Christian likes to admit this. But today’s Christians have a disdain for the burden of the poor, the very people Jesus ministered.

That’s why federal assistance to the poor, and programs like the “Obama phones” and food stamps and funding for homeless shelters has been vilified so viciously by government leaders who say we spend too much on the poor.

They don’t want their wealth sliced and diced and given to the poor. They want it for themselves.

They write big checks at Christmas not so much because they want to help the poor but rather to help reduce their taxes due. Christian Charity is really just a deduction, not an act of giving!

Why do you think Christmas is celebrated at the end of the tax year? So that the greedy can make a tax deductible donation that will help them to be richer by reducing their taxes. Giving also serves as a Christian insurance policy. Who knows. Maybe there is a God, after all, as their ministers predicts at each Sunday where they may attend service physically, but are morally AWOL.

If Jesus does come down to judge, they will be able to point to their charitable donations and their IRS Tax Form 8283, which even allows them to donate junk in exchange for a credit.

English: Tomb of Jesus, inside the Edicule. Ch...

English: Tomb of Jesus, inside the Edicule. Church of the Holy Sepulchre, Jerusalem. Français : La tombe du Christ, église du Saint-Sépulcre, Jérusalem. Română: Mormântul Domnului (Sfântul Mormânt), Ierusalim. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Christian America has long forgotten what it is really like to be Christian. They don’t turn the other cheek. They turn the other credit card. They don’t worry about the poor, indigent or homeless as Jesus did. They worry about themselves, and view the poor around the holidays as part of some annual moral enema, a last minute cleansing of their morality, just in case.

Christian Americans pray to little pictures of Bethlehem and the manger that hang on their walls, at least part of the year. But in reality, they close their eyes to the reality. Bethlehem has become a shtetl of military oppression under Israeli tyranny with thousands of Jesus’s descendants living in a cold prison Gulag.

The Praetorian Guard is armed with propaganda and lies, the unholiest of the unholiest, a news media which serves as the guardians of all that is evil and unholy. The Devil’s true Disciples of mistruth.

No people. Jesus isn’t White. Jesus is an Olive Skinned Arab who had his land and his home taken from him by people enabled by post anti-Semitic guilt Europe, where Christianity quickly settled and prospered to great wealth after the Crucifixion. These European Christians were the most hateful and they exported their anti-Semitism to the shores of the New World. The Holocaust is one of man’s darkest moments. But it is not the only one. It just tops the list of pernicious hate.

When the Holocaust was thrown into their faces, they did what Christians always do, responded by throwing money, politics and excuses wrapped in exaggerated sympathy at the problem hoping it might go away. Palestine wasn’t far away, but it was far enough.

Arab People Fleeing

Arab People Fleeing (Photo credit: Government Press Office (GPO))

If Jesus were to come back to his people, he would be shocked by what they have become. Uncaring people with no real principle, bought off by the glistening of the Golden Calf and the bright light of power.

When you look into Jesus’ dark walnut eyes, you will see that he is an Arab, Olive skinned and ready to forgive once you admit to your sins and acknowledge your misdeeds, your lies and your unChristianlike rejection of the needy.

Jesus is the essence of the people who suffer. He is the people who are persecuted and chased from their homes. Jesus is the people who live in squander on the street, or in tents in the cold Winter or the Arab Spring, the abandoned streets of Chicago and New York, and the refugees camps created in his homeland by Israel.

(Ray Hanania is an Award Winning columnist, and Orthodox-Lutheran Christian from Jerusalem, Palestine. You can reach him at or follow him on Twitter @RayHanania.)

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